How can I help refugees?

In response to the escalating war in Ukraine, UCC National established a database of volunteers who are willing to provide any services or accommodation to those fleeing Ukraine. Please visit UCC National Ukrainian Canadian Congress, for registration.

Information on how to provide assistance to Ukraine:

Alberta Stands with Ukraine provides clear and reliable information to guide the Ukrainian community in Alberta through the turbulence of the war in Ukraine. 

Please refer to the categories below to learn more about ongoing activities in the community and how you can help. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for here, please call our office and we would be happy to help you.

For Ukrainian speakers: Якщо вам потрібнo допомогy українською мовою, зателефонуйте в наш офіс і попросіть одного з наших україномовних співробітників або волонтерів. Tel: 780-414-1624

General information:

Donate Today

Please consider making donations to the organizations listed below. At this time, we cannot accept material donations. Transportation of humanitarian aid to Ukraine is becoming increasingly complicated. Your monetary donations will be channeled to the appropriate organizations in Ukraine

  1. Canada Ukraine Foundation-Humanitarian Aid  This is the primary agency that is set up to provide support to refugees and NGOs
  2. See a list of charities recommended by The Ukraine Crisis Media Centre

Support Ukrainian Businesses

Purchase Ukrainian Swag at Orbit Ukrainian Store, 10219-97 St. NW, Edmonton 780-422-5693.  

Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts (ACUA), 9534 87 St NW, Edmonton, 780-488-8558.

Stay Informed/Get Reliable Information

Join to fight with the Ukrainian army

Слава Україні!

Thank you for your support! We are in this together!