Bohdan Stephan Romaniuk

Is a Calgary business person who has been the head of 10 different companies.
He is a lawyer, economist and an experienced business executive.

Jars Balan

Is a researcher and author on the history of Ukrainian Canadians and former director of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta.

Father Danylo Kuc

Is a Pastor, at St George Parish, Edmonton and serves a parish with a large number of more recent newcomers to Canada from Ukraine.

Vitaliy Milentyev

Is an investment advisor and President of the Canada Ukraine Development Association in Edmonton focused on Canada-Ukraine business relations and Ukrainian financial system and reforms.

George Melnyk

George Melnyk is Professor Emeritus of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary.  He is an expert in Canadian Refugee Resettlement Policy.

He is the coauthor of the book  Finding Refuge in Canada: Narratives in Dislocation and cofounder of

Lubomyr Markevych

Is a Edmonton lawyer who has lived and worked for international organizations in Kyiv, Ukraine for over thirty years.

Fr. Cornell Zubritsky

Is the Associate Priest at the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Edmonton, a parish with a large demographic of newcomers to Canada from Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries).
He also holds the position of Vice Chair of the Presidium of the Consistory (national council) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, and serves on the Church’s Communications Committee.


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